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open ocean predators:

Sharks are one of the most feared animals on the planet. At the National Zoo & Aquarium you can get up close to, and enjoy the grace of our reef sharks, in the largest inland salt water tank in Australia - holding 200,000 litres.

As well as the Black Tipped reef sharks, this tank also houses Leopard Shark, a magnificent Queensland Groper and a Tawny Nurse Shark.

You can hand feed our Tawny Nurse Shark in our Daily Animal Encounters! - enquire on arrival for vacancies.

You can also hand feed sharks and all sorts of ferocious and amazing animals in the
Walk on the Wild Side Tour




reef shark image


clown fish image

fiji iguana

Rhino Iguana




barrier reef wonders:

Marvel at the wonders and adaptations of some of the most brilliantly coloured animals in existence.

The Barrier Reef houses the most densely populated lilfeforms around the globe. One of the world's 7 natural wonders, it is replicated for you in the largest inland aquarium in the country. You can view a variety of Reef species including:

Clown Fish & Tangs, Zebra and Giant Moray Eel, Hump-Head Maori Wrasse (also known as Giant Tuskfish), Lionfish, Frogfish, Giant Shovelnose Ray, Moorish Idol, Seahorse, Puffer Fish, Painted Crays, Marbled Groper, Epaulette Shark, Mudcrab and a variety of live Corals.



Make your way around the lower floor of our Aquarium and see a range of animals from freshwater rivers and lakes in the Australian Murray-Darling sysytem and tropical Queensland to South African and South American river systems, with various strange and fascinating evolutionary adaptations.

Species include - Barramundi, Cychlids, Murray Cod, Freshwater Golden Perch, Silver Perch, Australian Lungfish, Longfin Eel.

REPTILES & FROGS : This lower level is also where most of the Zoos collection of Frogs, Lizards, Turtles, Snakes and our American Alligators are housed. Species include -

Frogs: Splendid Frog.

Snakes: Boa Constrictor, Reticulated Python, Olive Python, Blood Python & Taiwan Beauty Snake

Lizards: Fiji Island Crested Iguana, Rhinoceros Iguana, Blotched Blue-Tongue Skink & Shingleback Skink

Turtles: Fly River Turtle (pignose), Saw-Shelled Turtle, Macquarie Turtle



Meet one of our very friendly reptiles during a "Snake Hold" in our interactive Keeper Talks that take place on weekends and School Holidays!
For more information and a timetable, see our Visitor Information page


If you have experience in keeping marine life and fresh and salt water aquariums, why not expand your knowledge and experience by becoming an aquarium volunteer. Fill in an application form or contact us via this form.